This documentary film deals with the inclusion of autistic children in schools as a major but still open question that it proposes to address through a variety of testimonies.

Traveling through five European countries, the camera is close to its interlocutors to hear these autistic people, these parents, these teachers and these professionals of the medical-social field who tell us what for them makes a link, what makes it possible to welcome their particularity, what gives them the opportunity to learn, what brings them joy...

How does the question of schooling arise at the time of diagnosis? How do we envisage transitions in the school field? How should things be adapted? What place should be given to the child's particular interests in learning? How can inclusion be built with small adjustments? What place is there for leisure activities?

"Something to Say" conveys in a sensitive and intimate way how the inclusive process is built on a local and unique basis.

This film is multilingual: don't forget to activate your subtitles by clicking on the cogwheel.
It presents in a didactic and aesthetic way the problematic and the proposals of accompaniment built in the project, in the most meaningful way possible. Built from testimonies and interviews, it will reveal to the public and to politicians the stakes of a respectful reception, the difficulties encountered by the young people, but also their possibilities.

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